Bikeville is the City of Greenville's bicycle friendly community initiative. The goal of Bikeville is to increase ridership, encourage bicycle use, expand bicycling facilities, and provide useful educational resources to cyclists and motorists to share the road.

The City of Greenville's Bicycle Friendly Community Initiative began in 2006. The goal of a Bicycle Friendly Greenville is to provide infrastructure, education, and outreach to increase the number of trips made by bicycles.

Swamp Rabbit Interactive Map

The Swamp Rabbit Trail is a 20 mile walking and biking trail, utilizing greenway networks and abandoned rail lines along the Reedy River to connect Greenville neighborhoods with downtown, Cleveland Park, Falls Park, Furman University, and the town Travelers Rest, SC. An interactive map is now available to help you explore the trail and plan your next ride!

Bikeshare Returns to Greenville

In the spring of 2021, Greenville welcomed a shared bike service to the city. Racks are located throughout downtown. Riders are asked:

  • Please use available on-street bike infrastructure and always ride with vehicular traffic, not against it.
  • Bikes should not be ridden on sidewalks or any other designated pedestrian-only paths.
  • Obey all rules of the road, including signaling and stopping at red lights and stop signs.
  • Be respectful on the trail, including maintaining a safe speed, calling out when passing and remaining alert at road crossings.
  • Wear a helmet, and never ride your bike while under the influence of alcohol or drugs.
photo of a bikeshare rack filled with electric bicycles
Cyclists riding in protected bike lane

Protected Bike Lanes

Following a months-long study on the feasibility of a protected bike lane in downtown, the city constructed South Carolina's first on-street protected bike lane. Completed in the spring of 2017, the lane runs along Broad Street between Main Street and Spring Street. The project was the culmination of a private-public partnership between the City of Greenville and Bike Walk Greenville, a non-profit, alternative transportation advocacy group.

Master Plan

The Bicycle Master Plan (PDF) was completed and adopted by City Council in September of 2011. The plan is the result of a 12-month planning process, presenting a framework to help strategize the expansion of the existing bikeway network, complete network gaps, and provide greater transportation connectivity while educating and encouraging bicycling throughout the City of Greenville.

Rack n Ride

All GreenLink buses now have the capacity to carry 2 bicycles. Bicycles ride for free. Loading the bikes is easy, just follow the directions on the rack, or view an instructional video now.

Complete Streets

The new Complete Streets Policy (PDF) is an important step in the City's Bicycle Friendly Community campaign. It also reinforces the City's commitment to improving travel conditions and travel choices for people of all ages and abilities. The City of Greenville is now committed more than ever to providing appropriate accommodations for pedestrians, bicyclists, and transit ride, while continuing to promote safe operation for all users.

Planning for and accommodating all roadway users makes everyone safer, including motorists. Complete Streets have across-the-board benefits like improving air quality and public health while providing transit options. The Complete Streets Coalition cites one study that "found that 43% of people with safe places to walk within 10 minutes of home met recommended activity levels, while just 27% of those without safe places to walk were active enough."

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