Cart Care

The City of Greenville provides each of its residential customers with a roll cart at the start of service. Because each cart has a unique number that corresponds with the service address, it is very important that customers do not remove their roll cart from their property for any reason - including to transport trash or other debris to another location. Additionally, since roll carts are the property of the City of Greenville, customers should call 864-232-CARE (2273) to arrange to have their cart collected if they move.

How to be Cart Smart

With the proper customer care, our roll carts should last at least 10 years. Below are tips for caring for your cart:

garbage cart
  • Keep the lid on your cart closed to deter flies and animals
  • Do not overload your cart
  • Wash your cart with soap and water periodically
  • If possible, store your cart in a cool dry place away from direct sunlight and other sources of heat
  • Keep items that decompose quickly in a cool place until collection day
  • Place all food or liquid waste in a sealed plastic bag prior to placing in the cart 
  • Do not drag, damage, cut, write, mark or paint on the cart

Customers should call 864-232-2273 (CARE) to request repairs or a replacement if their cart is damaged and can no longer roll, if the lid cannot shut or if it cannot safely hold household garbage.  

Should we determine that the damage was caused by the customer, we may require them to pay for the repair or replacement of the cart.