Street Resurfacing and Pavement Management

Market Point Connector - photo of completed street
The City of Greenville owns and maintains approximately 250 center line miles of streets. A primary responsibility of the Engineering Division is managing the City’s Pavement Management Program for street resurfacing and maintenance. 

Pavement Quality Index (PQI)

As part of this program, streets are assessed on a 5-year basis and provided a Pavement Quality Index (PQI) rating between 20 and 100. A PQI rating of 20 indicates the worse condition and a rating of 100 represents the best condition. Factors considered in determining the PQI rating of a street segment includes, but is not limited to the streets functional classification, traffic volumes, surface condition, riding condition, and structural deformation.

More Information

Street resurfacing and rehabilitation is prioritized on a worse to 1st basis and is funded through the City’s Capital Improvement Program. For additional information regarding the City’s Pavement Management Program and / or information regarding resurfacing on your street, please contact the Engineering Division at 864-467-4400.